A cautionary tale

There once was an artist who liked to incorporate old dictionary pages in her work. She carefully scanned the text to ensure that no offensive words were present. Seeing none, she glued the text to the canvas and having completed the painting then varnished it. Quite pleased with her effort, she enjoyed reading the text once more only to discover that the very first word was “Poop-to take a dump”. The artist then had to paint a small box shape over the offending word. Her younger son enjoyed this greatly and likes to ask is your Poop painting still hanging in the Twig and Two Berries?

Letterbox owl2

Waiting for the post.

owl closeup

Patiently waiting.

feather 1

Feathers fall.

feather 2

Drifting slowly to the ground.

letterbox stand

Always peruse your text carefully……..


69 thoughts on “A cautionary tale

  1. Hi Jen. Haven’t had a chance to reply to your wonderful posts lately but this made me smile.
    Firstly because of your funny “poop” story and then because of your wonderful artwork.
    So beautiful!!!!!!

  2. Very clever cover-up … I thought when looking at the whole painting that the black line under the letter box was its shadow, but I enjoy it more now that I know the secret! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That could have been your little secret – it never would have occurred to me that the extra painted box was intended to cover up something – it looks like it was done to complement the one above it. Very clever!

  4. Words are so powerful! Interesting combining print with the stroke of a paintbrush. You’ve got a fantastic sense of humor too.

  5. Hilarious Jen ! Amazing how the eye misses some things .
    I love this Snowy White Owl with Green Eyes I feel I’m being mesmerised …..

      • Oh, well at least you saw it in time! Not so long ago I was looking for a happy birthday picture for I friend of mine, I wanted something really kitsch and funnyโ€ฆ..I found one, but I think I was so bliiiinded by the beauty of it, and so proud of myself to have found something hilarious to put on her FB page, that I didnโ€™t see it had โ€œJOHNโ€ written on it!!!lol Oupsโ€ฆ.well I donโ€™t know how on earth I missed that but at least it made everybody laugh! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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