Lunar New Year

Driving my older son towards the station last Saturday, I had to stop as the road was blocked off. Suddenly I realised why. A lot of people of Asian descent live in our suburb and the main road was blocked off for a community Lunar New Year celebration. I drove home and collected my husband and younger son and we walked back in the early evening to enjoy the festivities.

It was a mild night with clouds gathering, producing a sky with beautiful pinks and greys. The first sight that met us was stunning translucent red paper lanterns. When we got closer we saw a large bell covered in hand written heart shaped wishes for the coming year. What a lovely idea. Unfortunately we missed the Chinese dragon procession which was held during the day.

The air was thick with cooking smoke as many stalls were set up to feed hungry celebrators. I wish I could have taken photographs of the many foods cooking but didn’t want to be too intrusive with my camera. It was very crowded but as we walked to the end of the food stalls, we came across a small carnival. Here I took lots of photos of the Zipper, if only I could play you the screaming that was coming from it!

lunar new year 1

Stunning paper lanterns

lunar new year 2

A bell covered in wishes for the coming year.

lunar new year 4

Storm clouds gather above the tram lines.

Lunar new year 3

Screams in the distance as the sun slowly sets.


The Zipper ( I suggest you don’t eat before getting on this ride).

zipper 2

I would much prefer to watch the Zipper than be on it………..


32 thoughts on “Lunar New Year

  1. Super celebrations to enjoy Jen !
    mmm I bet the aroma of the foodie stalls was enticing …. LOVE those lanterns and your last blurry zipper photo whooooooo 🙂

  2. What a lovely post. I felt I was there for a min. I confess I am a huge coward when it comes to anything past the Merry go round. I am popular with the small children because I gallantly accompany them on the kiddy rides which means the other grownups of my tribe take the big kids on the big rides. Trouble is we are are starting to run out of small kids because they are all morphing into big ones! : )

  3. Love your blog, your art and your posts! Thanks for the zipper photos; it’s one of my favourite rides. My sister and I used to go on it and always made the car whirl around, so we were whirling twice as much. No screaming from us, I can tell you! I am past retirement age, still love the crazy rides the best and look forward to a 360 degree roller-coaster ride someday. I hope to ride a roller-coaster when I turn 100 . . . if I’m lucky, I’ll have great-great-grandchildren willing to go with me. I’m sure I’ll be an embarrassment to anyone older than that.

    It was interesting to see all your orange items in the latest post, too. I remember many of these things from those days. I’m generally more of a blue/green/purple person, with splashes of dark Christmassy reds, but lately orange has been popping up in my life, too; I found some amazing fabric ‘fat quarters’ at the big US department store that has replaced our Canadian chains (why I now shop there); I wish I could find the fabric in whole yardage as it would make an amazing long summer dress or even a long skirt. I have bought several packages of those fat quarters, mainly for the floral fabric that first caught my eye, although I like the other, co-ordinating fabrics too. And then I went out and bought some yardage that is orange so that I would have something a little different to work into the mix, too. I’ve used that first floral as part of my header photo on my own blog. I’m still waiting for the right inspiration before I use any of those.

    Well, off I go. Will be back, for sure. I found you through the Gentle Stitches blog, by the way.

    ~ Linne

    • I’m glad to have rekindled your Zipper memories, you sound like a thrill seeker and much braver than me, I’m a chicken! I hope you do get your 100 years roller coaster ride. My grandmother lived to be 100.

      Have you thought of looking for your fabric online, or perhaps you could make a patchwork skirt? I have a beautiful patchwork dress made from squares of purple and blue Indian silk. Thank you so much for visiting!

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