Stop collecting and start making

I have been collecting some lovely chenille bedspreads and woollen blankets from charity shops lately. Also, I am always on the lookout for doilies and old buttons. I have amassed quite a big pile, so to justify their presence in our home, I decided I really needed to do something with them before my husband returned them to charity shops. I’ve made a start with this lovely old pink chenille bedspread. Old chenille is really lovely and soft, perfect for making pillows or soft toys. It doesn’t matter if there is a hole or small stain on it either, you just place your pattern elsewhere. Some of these lovelies have made their way into my Etsy shop whilst some are going to be in a school fete in a few weeks. I just found a rusty coloured chenille bedspread too. I have in mind to make some foxes but am still figuring out a pattern and how I will decorate them.

Somebody who is very clever at figuring out patterns is Gentle Stitches. Recently she gave me a woolly award which sounded quite intriguing. The Blogging without obligation award and the best thing is, no rules or obligations. It is actually available for anyone to put on their blog, but I thought I’d copy Gentle Stitches and award it. I’d like to give this award to Re:retro and Poppytump because they make me laugh (in a good way)! See here for more information.


I have got rather behind with my awards and the lovely Gentle Stitches also gave me a very shiny award, the Shine On award. Thank you Gentle Stitches! I would like to award this to The human Sarah because she draws the most beautiful little birds.


owls in suitcase 2

A suitcase of owls

red button

Winter Owls tag made on my sewing machine and hand dyed with tea.


50 thoughts on “Stop collecting and start making

  1. I love the suitcase full of owls, and their doily eyes! 🙂 I’m trying to make more than I collect at the moment too – I’ve definitely got enough textiles to keep me going for a while.

  2. Oh, I adore your lovely little owls! The chenille is just perfect for a soft and sweet look. I’ve seen many soft owls, but yours have to be some of my favorites, for sure! And I can tell they are so well made, too. I’m anxious to see the fox as well…how great to find a rust colored chenille spread…not something you see very often.
    Love your creativity and reading your blog. Peace to your heart, Sara

  3. thanks for the award, jen…that’s a great one to get! i also take your advice about making stuff from my collection- i do collect vintage fabric and make most of my and my partners clothes. i want to learn how to make shoes- then i could be totally self-sufficient. i’m looking out for a cobbler’s machine to buy (*collect*)…

    • You are very clever. I’ve made some beach dresses from old sheets, but am a little scared of zips and buttonholes. Making your own shoes would be wonderful. I’ll let you know if I ever see a cobbler’s machine!

  4. Jen !! These are *fabulous* you clever thing – and your own stitched tag whoo !
    The Little Owls in a suitcase look full of wide-eyed fun … have you caught them yet bouncing around in there when your back is turned 😉
    I think I would like a fox … do let us know .
    And thank you very much Jen for the BWO award … fancy thinking of me … xx

  5. Oh gosh, I remember my Grandma used to have a bedspread exactly like that!:D I love what you’ve done with it and the photo with all the owls in the suitcase, they are adorable! Can’t wait to see the foxes!! 😉

  6. What a lovely suitcase of owls! Luckily, I never get around to this kind of shopping (or unluckily, I’m not sure which yet). I’ve always had this picture of a lovely big pile of old doilies, all dyed different shades of pink 😀

  7. I love them. My Nana (the woman who taught me to sew, crochet and knit) had a bedspread just like that. They are just perfect for Owls. How clever to see the Owls in them. I am looking forward to hearing about the foxes too!

  8. Such a good idea! They are lovely! (I laughed out loud when you suggested that your husband would soon start returning your stash to charity shops– are he and my husband friends, by any chance? ! Heehee!)

  9. Thank you liking my post on Mountainmama.. I am not as crafty with fabric as you but have spent the last year recovering benchs and as you know a desk and porch.. but you have given me an idea for Easter why not chickes or eggs of fluffy chenille now I have to head out to see what i can find

    • Thank you, I’ve just finished making some blue ones too for a fete I’m having a stall at on Saturday. The blue chenille is not as special as the pink though, it’s quite plain.

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