Three Black Owls

Three Black Owls

Painted on a dictionary page,

The three of us will never age.

Our feathers will remain black

And will not grey upon our backs.

Three birds of wisdom we shall remain

And of this page we will pertain.

Jen Ross 2013

Three black owls reduced for etsy

Three Black Owls painted on a vintage dictionary page

3 black owls copyrighted reduced qualilty for etsy

“Three Black Owls” original painting available in my Etsy Shop


39 thoughts on “Three Black Owls

    • I would like to say yes it was on purpose, but no. I have to scan my book pages much more carefully ever since I included a tree which had the last line “girls as payment”. One of my friends discovered this when it was hanging on the wall of the cafe I sell some paintings at. Much hilarity over coffee that day!

  1. These are so lovely Jen ! All everso slightly different faces … and their feathery heads make me smile … reminding me of those woollyball pom poms we all used to make 😀

  2. Owls, wisdom, dictionary, learning– it all fits! An inspired idea, Jen. And I like the limited color palette and the bold splash of color provided by the leaves. Beautifully done!! : )

  3. I just came across your blog and it’s just so lovely. yesterday evening while my students where having a test I started drawing on a sheet of paper. I drew a mother and baby owl sitting in a trie, on a starry night. It made me feel so good. And just now I discovered your owls. Much love!!

    • I’m so pleased to hear that my blog made you feel good, what a nice thing to say! You said you are a teacher? What do you teach? I’m a teacher too, but unemployed at the moment due to government budget cuts. I’m looking for a new job teaching art and/or working with young adults with mild intellectual disabilities or learning difficulties.

      • hello! I teach English as a second language, but also work as a content writer. To be honest after two years and 2 months of teaching, it is starting to get a bit like a routine. How long have you been a teacher?

      • I first started teaching art to secondary students for about eight years and then I moved into special needs education after I had my boys which I did for ten years. Now I am an unemployed teacher due to government funding cut backs. I think it’s time for a change. I’d like to try something different! We’ll see what this year brings…

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