The art of letter writing

Ziggy Shortcrust is an elf whisperer, skinnydog wrangler and campervan tootler. What’s not to love about that I ask you? Ziggy has been lamenting the demise of the handwritten letter and has set herself the challenge of writing an illustrated letter a day. An invitation was extended to help her with the challenge to send letters whizzing around the world in 2013. I thought how nice it would be to receive a handwritten letter from Ziggy instead of the usual gas bill that seems to inhabit my letterbox.

I submitted my request to be a letter recipient and was most excited to see Winter Owls’ envelope on Ziggy’s blog!Β I kept checking my letterbox and finally it arrived with a beautiful hand drawn owl on the envelope and a lovely illustrated elf letter inside. Thank you Ziggy, it was well worth waiting for! Ziggy told me about her owl collection which includes a sad and tatty salt pot owl with only one eye. I was also envious to read about a day spent cuddling a tiny Scops owl, I would love to cuddle an owl.

I believe Ziggy is looking for a few more participants to help her complete her letter writing quest, so if you too would like to receive an elf letter visitΒ

I’m trying to think of how to reply to Ziggy’s letter. Postcard from an Owl? Words of wisdom from W.Owls? Perhaps little gems of experience I have gleaned from life such as “Refrain from laughing with a mouth full of custard”. Evidenced by my younger brother who Β years ago sprayed his cousins and I with custard, through his nose…………


Elvish mail is well worth waiting for……..

elvish letter

Ziggy’s beautiful elf illustrated letter


30 thoughts on “The art of letter writing

  1. What a great idea of Ziggys ! So much post nowadays goes straight in to the bin. Handwritten letters are always looked forward to with a sense of happy anticipation πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing Jen .
    I might be tempted …..

  2. I have just signed up! I still have shoeboxes with old letters from friends from years ago – every few years I dig them out and have a giggle or a nostalgic moment. I also have plenty of blank writing paper sitting in the study drawer just itching to be filled with writing and sent on its way. Might even send one on to my creative and inspiring big sister … xx

  3. I like this idea and I totally get it. I’m a fan of the postcard. Even though the stamps to mail them cost more now than the postcard themselves, I’m still a sucker for travel nostalgia (and they make super cheap souvenirs).

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