A complete house refurbishment

On the Australia Day weekend I completely refurbished a house. Not bad eh? Well actually, I must confess that it wasn’t a real house, but a little house to display knick knacks. I found this brown house in a charity shop and decided it could do with a make over. I love finding some unloved object and saving it from landfills. For more about saving from landfills you might like to visit LivingsimplyfreeΒ who is on a journey to simplify her life and shares lots of valuable ideas.

First of all I sprayed the house with white paint (if I was doing this again I would use a paintbrush as I think I would have a more even finish).Β Next for the fun part, decorating. In my scrap bag I had little pieces of vintage sheets which made perfect wallpaper which I glued on and then varnished. Also incorporated into the decorations were an old stamp, piece of doily, scrap of old music and a book page. Some of the rooms I left completely white for possible later decorations or for those knick knacks that prefer a minimalist decor.

brown house  watermarked


owl house watermarked


top storey watermarked

Salt and pepper owls

Bambi watermarked

Vintage Bambi brooch

yellow room watermarked

I do like matching wallpaper with eye colour, one can’t be too coordinated.

deer watermarked

Tiny deer

Colourful Owls watermarked

It’s impossible to look too groovy.

dolls's head watermarked

A broken doll’s head I found whilst digging in my garden

Key watermarked

Vintage book page and porcelain key

brass owl watermarked

What a shame we’re too big to fit in the house.


75 thoughts on “A complete house refurbishment

  1. Jen I was a wondering why you were so quiet πŸ˜‰ … this is brilliant ! You’ve done a very successful upcycle as they all seem to be calling it now . Apart from your cute Owls there, I am rather taken with the dollies head for some reason πŸ™‚

    • The dollies head was found when I was weeding one day. At first I thought it was a pebble and then a bird skull. As I washed it I wondered how it had got there. Did it get thrown away because it was broken, or did some little girl lose it and the rest of the doll rotted away over the years. Our house was built in the 1920’s. I’m not sure if dolls like this were still popular then. I’ll have to do some research.

      • Looks like it might be older … its interesting thinking of the history of it .
        More weeding then and lets know what else you find !

      • When digging a hole for our lemon tree we found a mass of plastic bread bags from brands we don’t think exist any more. I just hope we never find a body!

  2. I walked pass this gift shop called Typo and they had a few owl decorations. Immediately thought of you and your blog! Do they have that where you are?

  3. I like to stop and look at a something found and see what I would do with it before scrolling down to see the after. Have to tell you my imagination never came close to yours. I love how you filled it, it looks as if the house was made for you and your treasures.
    P.S. Thanks for the mention.

  4. Love it. I have complete house envy. Adore miniatures. I get more fun out of my daughter’s dolls house than she does I think. Funny that you did this, right where my head’s at. I have a little shelf I finally got ready to hang the other day for some of my little bits & pieces, its cute too but sadly I am unable to wallpaper little rooms. So cute! Your owls are awesome.

  5. How beautiful! Fancy finding an old dolls head while gardening, and then making it a home with fresh wallpaper and paint! What wonderful ideas you have.

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  7. Thanks for reading my blog! I love your creativity and have to admit that I may be hooked even though I make a lot of jokes about Martha Stewart. You way with color and how you mixed patterns is wonderful!

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