An unearthly screeching

Awoken by an unearthly screeching a few weeks ago, I rushed outside with my camera. Overhead were flying a flock of cockatoos, not the winged monkeys from the Wizard of Oz that I had thought were there at all.

Sometimes I wish I was a bird flying free. When I was a child, not really enjoying school, I would dream that I could run and flap my arms and soar high above the school. Upon reflection though, I would make a rather poor bird as I am afraid of heights……………

flapping owl2 watermarked

She wants to soar but is afraid of heights.

flower closeup watermarked

Flower detail

owl face watermarked

Secretly Winter Owls crosses her fingers and toes when flying.

Cockatoos overhead watermarked

Cockatoos overhead


32 thoughts on “An unearthly screeching

  1. I love heights, but have never wanted to fly as I’m afraid I would fall. It’s the damage should I fall that scares me. I won’t even fly in planes, people tell me all the time that you are safer in a plane than a car, but my response is that I at least have a chance to walk away from a car crash.

    • I feel the same way and my father keeps telling me I’ve got much more chance of being in a car accident. I have had to work really hard to overcome my fear of flying. I just try not to think about where I am when I’m in the air and I really do cross my fingers and toes (silly I know) whilst we take off and land.

  2. Love your painting of Winter Owl .. she has eyes with depth . She knows what I am thinking .
    Cockatoos !!!! we chased around one place in Oz we visited to get pictures of the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo flying at sunset … not very successfully .. I know they are noisy but I did like to hear them 🙂

    • Thank you for liking Winter Owl, you know she is looking at you (not in a creepy way of course!). The Red Tailed Black Cockatoo is gorgeous but I haven’t had any of those visit yet sadly.

  3. Beautiful painting and deliciously human that a person afraid of heights would want to fly!!!
    Perhaps overcoming fear makes our dreams even more special?The Owl in the painting seems to be conveying many things at once. I love it!

  4. Living in the UK I’ve only ever seen cockatoos in captivity ie pets or in a zoo.. A flock of them flying free overhead sounds exciting and exotic to me. And I love your heavy lidded Winter Owl.

  5. Cockatoos are pets here but I would love to see a flock of them flying overhead! (Also, those monkeys from the Wizard of Oz terrified me so badly as a child that I refused to watch the movie again until I was in my late teens.). I am easily disoriented when I’m up high, but I’m not afraid. In fact, my favorite kind of dreams are the kind in which I get to fly. Naturally, that is my real fear – flying.

    • Oh good, I’m not alone in being afraid of winged monkeys and flying! My eldest son was so terrified of the monkeys that he wouldn’t watch it again for about five years. The younger one didn’t blink…

  6. I love birds period. I am so fascinated/obsessed with them, no matter what kind or color. I would so enjoy hearing that loud noise from the cockatoos. That sweet owl facing her fears is so endearing to me on many levels. xok

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