Tipping the scales

Look what I found in a charity shop on Monday. These beautiful vintage blue kitchen scales. They were a little grubby, but hot soapy water soon remedied that. I like the nice big bowl on the top and the fact that they can weigh up to 5 Kilograms. In them you can see my stepmother and father’s lovely organic apricots they grew. They don’t have a large garden but manage to cram in an amazing amount of edible crops. In the front garden is an apricot tree, crab apple, strawberries, rhubarb and herbs. In a little courtyard are tomatoes and lemons. You walk under an arch ofΒ passion fruit, past a natal plum, snow peas and beans, to the narrow backyard where there is green tea, another lemon, a kaffir lime as well as assorted vegetables of the season. No nasty chemicals are used. Luckily they sometimes produce too much and we get to reap the benefits! I was going to make my grandmother’s delicious fresh apricot cake to share with you but it is too hot to bake today as it is still 39.5 C at 8.15 pm. Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler.

blue scales

Vintage scales

scales and apricots

Home grown organic apricots


26 thoughts on “Tipping the scales

  1. Those ARE nice ! I do love a thrifty haul πŸ˜€
    Look forward to more photos of ingredients in there … I have one of my own red scales bowl with cake flour somewhere in the archives .
    All that healthy bounty to devour YUM πŸ˜‰ oh and I see what you mean about the temp now phew ….

  2. What a charming scale. Your grandparent’s garden sounds so inviting and heavenly. I’m wishing for warmer temps here, not like what you have, but maybe a little warmer. Looking forward to apricot recipe.

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