A parliament of owls

I love collective nouns for animals such as a parliament of owls or a clutter of cats. Other favourites include a murder of crows, a mob of kangaroos, a mask of raccoons, a pandemonium of parrots and a prickle of hedgehogs.

Wondering who first came up with the term a parliament of owls, a bit of online research revealed a few different theories. One of the theories that I found interesting was that C.S Lewis made a pun from Chaucer’s The Parliament of Fowls when he called a chapter in The Silver Chair, A Parliament of Owls. There is an interesting forum on this topic at Into the Wardrobe – a C.S Lewis web site.

Below is my Parliament of Owls. They were painted mainly in 2012 and then I made prints which I sell at markets and in my Etsy store. My husband thought they would look nice as a collection on the wall behind our dining table. I think they look a little like a quilt all placed together. Perhaps a Patchwork of Owls?

A Patchwork of Owls

The longest conversation

“The longest conversation”

Detail of “And as handsome as I am”

til one day etsy quality reduced

“Till one day”

The end of the summer reduced for etsy

“The end of the summer”

She gazed once more etsy leaf

Detail of “She gazed once more”

Rose and lit her candle001 quality reduced for etsy

“She rose and lit her candle”

love offering print ready watermarked copy

“Love offering”

bookworm in frame watermarked

A bookworm framed


47 thoughts on “A parliament of owls

  1. I am very lucky!
    I received a gift of a Winter Owls print, containing one of these images, from this bloggers Etsy Shop.
    It is so whimsical and beautiful 😊

  2. Have you shown your wonderful owls to National League of American Pen Women? NLAPW is a huge national (and some international) professional artists, writers and musicians, and their signature logo is the Owl. They have magazine, THE PEN WOMAN, advertising all kinds of Owls, from stationery to ornaments, tiles, coasters and pens, and you have a delightful assortment.
    You might contact them.

    • Marylin, thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of NLAPW. I shall go and have a look now. I also wanted to tell you how touching I found your blog, the story of you and your mother and your shared love of writing is beautiful.

  3. Jen I don’t know how I missed this post !! Gorgeous . I do love all those collective nouns too .
    Your own Patchwork of Owls is very artistic and inventive … and isn’t it great someone has one of your prints and has commented on here 😀

  4. I love your ” Patchwork of Owls” You have inspired me to knit a little Owl myself! I will post him next week. I love wearing the Owl I purchased from your Winter Owl collection and people always compliment him.

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