Beach huts on the Mornington Peninsula

There was quite a bit of interest in the beach huts in my last post, so, here are a few more for your enjoyment. The beach huts are also known as boat sheds or bathing boxes. They are incredibly expensive to buy, probably as no more are allowed to be built. I like to walk along the beach, fantasizing about which one I would buy. Apparently when blocks of land were originally sold, many came with a beach hut as well, enabling you to protect your modesty whilst changing. The Shire of Mornington in 1896, appointed an Inspector of Nuisance (don’t you love that title?), who was appalled at the anti-social behaviour he viewed at the beach. Mixed bathing was not permitted and signs were erected to allocate separate male and female bathing sections.

Times have changed now, boats and other watercraft are stored in some, whilst others are decorated inside as beautifully as a home. I love how they express theirΒ owners different tastes in colour. Some are quite conservative and plain, or rustically simple, the boards left to weather naturally, whilst others dazzle with ice cream pastels or eye popping brights. I hope to use some of these colour combinations in my next paintings.

Southside 2 watermarked

Mount Martha South Beach

huts 1 watermarked

beach huts 13 watermarked

beach huts 14 watermarked

beach huts 12 watermarked

beach huts 11 watermarked

beach huts 10 watermarked

beach huts 9 watermarked

beach huts 8 watermarked

beach huts 7 watermarked

beach huts 6 watermarked

beach huts 5 watermarked

beach huts 3 watermarked

beach huts 2 watermarked

Beach umbrellas vie with the huts, for the most eye catching colour combinations.

As the sun gets low in the sky, it’s time to make for home.


71 thoughts on “Beach huts on the Mornington Peninsula

  1. British beach huts tend to have the same traditional exterior, albeit in a wide range of colours, and highly sought after. So, very expensive here too. It’s lovely to see such a variety of styles and designs on The Mornington Peninsular.

  2. Yes in the U.K. huts are indeed highly saught after and sell for a lot of money..I mean a lot! its nice to see a touch of Britain in the U.K. and to see the beach as you are experiencing a heatwave. besafe x

  3. I so badly wish I could find a clip of the cartoon, but does anyone remember the old classic Disney cartoons? There was one in which Goofy went to the beach and the background was nothing but these bathing houses. I loved them! This was a fun post!

  4. Lovely with those jolly colours .. and in such good condition .
    It’s almost a status symbol I think now to have one of these in UK …either you have lots of lolly or *Old* families have passed them down the line so to speak πŸ˜‰
    Look forward to seeing them in some form or other on here again then Jen !

  5. I love beach huts! We don’t have them here in Canada, but I love seeing them in England when I go. I can’t believe how pricey they are, though! Still, I’d love to have a wee little hut to deck out in summery, beach-side style and I love the fantasy of just sitting there, listening to the surf and the sounds of children playing while I sip something cool and read a good book. Hope your hols are fun and that you are keeping safe from all the scary fires.

    • That is my fantasy too! We are quite safe from the fires but my brother in law had a fire just down the road from him. Australia is so dry, we’ve had hardly any rain for months.

  6. These are gorgeous! Being from WA originally, I’ve not seen the ones down Mornington Peninsula, but I remember the first time I saw them at Brighton – they’re amazing! I love the pink one with the white picket fence in the second photo πŸ™‚

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  8. Lovely to see your photos brought back happy memories. I visited Rosebud a couple of times when my Mam lived there and have a photo of the beach huts at Martha’s in the bathroom of my shop, The Fat Quarters, Newcastle in the UK.

  9. This is awesome. I am thinking of painting the kids cubby house like one of these and been meaning to get some reference. And there are your beautiful pics saving me some trouble. Love it. Hope you had fun there. Cheers

    • They are so festive, what a great word to describe them. If I ever win the lottery, which I won’t as I don’t buy tickets, I will buy the brightest one on the beach.

  10. These huts are beautiful. Which beaches in particular are these on? I am visiting the mornington peninsula for the first time in Feb and would love to see them

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