Dogs’ day out

We have been on a little holiday on the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour from our home. One of the best things about going there is that Ruby gets to have a holiday too. We stay with my Parents in law who have a very doggy friendly home. I thought I’d show you a beach where dogs are able to run free. It’s not the most beautiful beach on the Peninsula but it’s so nice to see Ruby running free!


Beach huts at Mount Martha


Making friends

Rolling Ruby

Sheer bliss

No such thing as too much rolling


A group of wags


Run Ruby run

Ruby runs 2 watermarked

Wait for me!

Ruby runs 3 watermarked

Ha ha, you can’t play cricket now!

A leisurely stroll

A leisurely stroll


Solitary peace


34 thoughts on “Dogs’ day out

  1. Oh that’s grand ! Love seeing dogs doing their thing 🙂
    Googled to see where this is … how gorgeous is that to be only an hour away from such a lovely area .
    Hope you are getting all refreshed and rested ready to throw yourself into whatever you want to do J .

  2. What a wonderful holiday treat for Ruby. I love the beach too! Fantastic pictures of the beach and Ruby enjoying her other canine friends.

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