The unfortunate stain

Our lovely family Christmas went for three days. We started on Christmas Eve with carols and dinner with my Stepmother and Father. It was a lovely evening but I think our singing, with the exception of our Stepmother, left a lot to be desired. As she teaches singing I think she may have needed a lie down after that experience! On Christmas Day, lunch was spent with my sisters, Mum, Stepfather and little nephews. A lovely feast. On Boxing Day everyone from my husband’s family came to our house for lunch. There were nineteen of us so thankfully the weather was kind and we could eat outside. Lots of eating, laughing and sharing of gifts.

For the last few days we have had no commitments, which has been lovely after the busyness of Christmas. Finally I have had time to do a little craft project that needed doing. On my grey cardigan, in an obvious spot, I splashed coffee on it the second time I wore it. And of course, it stained.

Deciding to rescue it from my gardening clothes pile, I tried out various colours and arrangements of vintage buttons. I liked them all really but ended up choosing a  pastel selection which reminded me of colours popular in the 1950’s. Then I used some embroidery thread and sewed a simple running stitch in a circular pattern. I didn’t try to make the stitches exactly the same size as I wanted it to look hand rather than machine made. The final result looks like a brooch and best of all, no stain. Hopefully, I won’t add further stains to this cardigan as I think there probably is such as thing as too many buttons, but then again, some of you may disagree!

The unfortunate stain

The unfortunate stain

Grey buttons

Grey buttons

A colourful mix

A colourful mix

Blue vintage buttons

The choice made

The choice made

All stitched up

cardigan full shot watermarked

The stain vanquished


55 thoughts on “The unfortunate stain

  1. Fab idea. Although I don’t have a cardi that has a stain, I have several plain ones that could use a little cheering up. I think it’s time I drag the button jar out to choose some interesting buttons. Thanks for sharing that brilliant idea. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. I love your final perfect choice. You are so creative, as shown in your other owl projects too.

    Now I will start collecting buttons – have I not got enough craft things yet? Another obsession?

    All the best to you all.

  3. Crafty or What πŸ˜‰
    Looks very good indeed !
    Now if only you had posted this earlier I could have saved a goodly number of things ….

  4. Very clever, Jen! I recently had spots appear on my Hollister sweat pants. I ended up getting a little applique of a coffee cup to put over it.

  5. So clever! I haven’t gotten to the point of being creative with my clothing yet, but saving a piece with a stain in this way would be a great start. I’m not a seamstress at all but am able to do some hand sewing…I like the handmade look as well. Thanks for sharing

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