A hot holiday season

Today in Melbourne it’s hot, hot, hot. I’ve been hiding inside and enjoying visiting lovely blogs featuring snow, grey skies and holly. Well, we don’t have snow for the holiday season in Melbourne (but with Melbourne weather you can never be 100% certain), and there isn’t much real holly around either. Although I have spotted the odd bush in old gardens.

We’re not missing out on the traditional red and green colors though. I just love these Kangaroo paws in my garden, such festive colours. I don’t know who came up with the name Kangaroo paws, but it’s very clever. Can you see the little paws?

Speaking of things with paws, poor Ruby has found this hot weather very uncomfortable. It’s been too hot to take her for long walks, so at times she gets very restless. My younger son thought he’d dress her in reindeer ears last night which she very much enjoyed. She shook them off, grabbed them in her mouth, soared over the sofa back and raced around the house with them. Finally when she tired out, I managed to take some photographs, which she found a bit of a yawn really.

Kangaroo paws

Festive native flowers

Festive native flowers

Paws, paws and more paws

Very hot Ruby

Very hot Ruby

Ruby the black nosed reindeer

yawning reindeer watermarked

I’m not in pain, I just find modeling so tiring…..


37 thoughts on “A hot holiday season

  1. It’s so hot here as well Jen, I’m wishing for a white Christmas lol. Thats so not going to happen, I’m more likely to end up in a melted puddle on the floor 🙂 I love your Reindeer!! 🙂

  2. Lol! Ruby looks so funny with her antlers. It is difficult to exercise dogs in extreme weather.. Neither Toastie or I love walking when it is really tipping it down – which it is a lot over here.

  3. The kangaroo paws are amazing if a little bizarre. And Ruby looks gorgeous. Living in the North of England I find it hard to imagine a hot Christmas although it is unseasonably mild today. Have a lovely Christmas in the sun 🙂

    • They are a little bizarre aren’t they? My eldest son thinks they’re very ugly but they stand up to the hot dry summer when prettier flowers are looking burnt and very sad. Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. What a lovely plant!! Is Ruby a Boxer? I take it you have AC in your house? That’s a godsend if you do. In the Midwest for the past several summers, the temperatures have reached and persisted into the 90’s and 100’s F. Add a bit of humidity and all the animals – wild and domestic – become extraordinarily uncomfortable! Happy holidays to you and yours!

    • Ruby is a cross between a Pug and a Cavalier spaniel, a Pugalier! Lots of people do mistake her for a Boxer pup. We have evaporative cooling in our house thank goodness! Happy holidays to you and yours too!
      p.s your blog is lovely 🙂

      • Well, I love pugs and I love Cavaliers!! I also think Boxers are great dogs too!! Heck – I was dog person way before I ever thought about having chickens!! Thank you for reading my blog and I am so glad I found yours!!

    • Oh we get winter in Melbourne, just not snow (or very rarely). We get Southerly winds coming up from Antarctica sometimes too! Winter Owls came about from when I was going through Chemo during winter and two owls came to sit in my apple tree for a few days. They gave me hope and inspiration, to me owls are now a symbol of life. 🙂

      • What an inspiring and lovely story! Owls are so beautiful! I hope you are feeling better – it’s so important to believe and have deep faith in the best of health, beauty, happiness and all the goodness of life — which is yours for the asking. The owls reminded you! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a most joyous filled 2013!!

      • I am feeling much better now thank you! Yes, I think the owls did remind me. I hope you too have a wonderful holiday season and very happy 2013!

  5. Lovely to look at and sounds yummy to eat. I’ve missed coming to your blog because of the holiday rushing around. I’m so glad I can visit tonight. I always feel so relaxed after staying here for awhile..

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