Christmas garland

Yesterday in Melbourne it was hot and sticky.  A perfect day for staying inside and making a quick Christmas garland. We certainly won’t be having real snowflakes here for Christmas so I thought the doily shapes I cut out were a good alternative. I love red and white for Christmas, it’s just so festive. Here’s how I made it if you want to make one too!

You will need:

Old buttons (with reasonably large holes)

An old doily or scraps from one

A few old book or music pages

Embroidery thread, wool or string

A large needle with a big eye


First of all cut star shapes from an old book or music pages (mine came from a Mills and Boon book “Outlaw Heart”), not Christmassy but something I didn’t mind chopping up!

Next gather buttons of different sizes but make sure they have big holes so you can thread them easily.

Cut up an old doily (this is a good way to use up a stained one).

Choose your thread for stringing (initially I was going to use Jute or kitchen twine, but my needle eye was too small so I chose red embroidery thread).

Cut your thread longer than you want your finished garland to be so you can tie a knot at one end and/or make loops to hang it by.

Lay out your buttons, paper stars and doily snowflakes in a row until you are pleased with your design and then tie a knot or loop at one end.

Simply thread through buttons, and stitch through doily and star pieces with a little space in between each one. Tie a knot at the end and make a loop if you want one.

Hang up and enjoy your up cycled Christmas Garland!

red plate

Vintage buttons and doily pieces

Christmas doily

Christmas doily

stars watermarked

Don’t look too closely at the text!!!

red buttons watermarked

Red vintage buttons

close up

Threaded up

close up star


christmas garland

Completed Garland


Light up your Christmas


72 thoughts on “Christmas garland

  1. lovely- i like how you have subverted the whole ‘white christmas’ theme. and – at last – repurposing of a lace doily – incredible! i never would have thought it possible…but you have proved otherwise!

  2. That’s such a lovely and effective idea – they look so pretty! It’s a very rainy day here, so I think making one of these would be the perfect way of keeping warm and dry inside, using up some buttons, and making the house a little more christmassy!

  3. Absolutely lovely garland, really – I might just have to make one. Even though I have just finished one myself and am about to hang it up. I will show you on my blog later if you would like to drop by. Happy Solstice!

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  5. This gives me oodles of ideas to use up my craft stash. LIke you I like the red and white theme, and have doilies to use up. I also like the idea of hanging it vertically. Thanks ever so much for sharing. Just found you, but will check back often!

  6. There is such beauty in simplicity! I wish I would have seen this before the holidays, but it will definitely appear next year! (Or in some other form for another holiday) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Beautiful, inspired, ingenious– those are three adjectives that immediately spring to mind!! And I really laughed when I read, “Don’t look too closely at the text”– ha!!

    Lovely work, Jen, and your posts are also works of art– just beautifully presented. Wishing you much happiness and success in the coming year!! : )

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