Feeling blue

This week I have been feeling a little down. Those of you who have been reading my posts for a while will know that my job is ending this month. I have loved working with young adults with mild intellectual disabilities and/or learning difficulties and seeing the growth in their work skills, confidence and friendships. The course I have been teaching for ten years is being discontinued at our college due to funding cuts. Our course doesn’t make money, so it was one of the first to go.

Of course, sometimes it was a frustrating, exhausting job, but so rewarding too. I shall miss my funny, lovely students so much. I will especially miss their honesty. Only last week one of them asked me why I was walking funny. I replied that I had a sore foot. She thought for moment and then said ” Do you have gout”? They made me laugh when I felt like crying.

It has been hard to feel inspired lately. Thinking about how we say we’ve got the blues, or we’re feeling blue when we feel sad, got me thinking; blue actually makes me feel happy. It’s the colour of the thrifted vintage tablecloth that I want to turn into a dress or skirt, the buttons I have plans for. It’s the colour of the sky on a clear day, the eyes of my eldest son and my mother, so different to my dark brown ones. It’s the colour of the sea in summer……….

"She gazed once more"

“She gazed once more”

" It was the reason"

” It was the reason”

Avon swan

Avon swan

banana lounge watermarked

Blue banana

Blue buttons

Vintage blue buttons

close up blue seersucker watermarked

Vintage seersucker table cloth

Blue music

Holly Hobbie, a childhood favourite


44 thoughts on “Feeling blue

  1. Aqua blue is my favourite colour..I am sorry to hear you have been feeling low, I hope your feeling a bit brighter and you feel better soon. lovely post Ceri x

  2. It’s funny how we associate blue with feeling down. I wonder what new beginnings are just around the corner for you… Whatever they are, I believe (more) good things are on their way, xxx

  3. I never thought about the phrase, “feeling blue” before. I love the color blue it soothes me and makes me comfortable. We need to come up with a new way to express these feelings. I’m sorry about your job.

  4. I am sure your brown eyes are lovely.
    Whilst you may have finished in your current job, it is the beggining for new opportunities. 😄

  5. Of course they consider blue a ‘cool/cold’ color…vs warm colors like the reds? Maybe that is why we associate it with being down? But I am sorry your job is being cut. The way with so much nowadays. And you do good work it sounds. My Mother always says: when one door shuts, another opens….So it will be for you. All good karma to one who creates so beautifully! Peace!

  6. Sorry to hear about the loss of your job, Jen. I think your feelings are natural. After all it’s been a long time and it’s a part of you that has great meaning.

    I love the blue Avon swan. I never saw that one before. Holly Hobbie was a great fave with my maternal gran and my Mom.

    I think here you have some of the stuff memories are made of–good ones. They should help you with the current time.

  7. Blue is the color of the ocean – where I am happiest. I think blue is one of the most beautiful colors around! And green, too, which is most associated with being sick or jealous. What a shame, such wonderful colors! I love your blue owls, by the way. They look so content.

    • Green is lovely too. I’ve never seen an ill person looking green, more a sickly grey colour. But someone must have looked green when ill for the saying to have originated!!

  8. So sorry about your job– it sounds so meaningful and important, the work you do. I hope it works out and that another opportunity comes along.

    I also love blue. Aqua, turquoise, navy. Thanks for all the lovely images of blue to counteract your blue feelings.

  9. In a mood of depression, I once wrote a poem I thought you might like to read. Here it is:

    “A brave spirit struggling with adversity is a spectacle for the Gods”

    It is not in the glare of glory
    When the crowds are at your feet,
    Or the city’s bells are pealing
    As you mount the victor’s seat.

    All that is but a passing show;
    A fleeting flash of light;
    A rain-drop glistening in the sun,
    A shooting star at night.

    True greatness lies in what’s not seen,
    And all that no-one knows;
    The long, dark years of ceaseless toil,
    The pain that never shows.
    The loneliness and misery,
    The heartaches and the fears,
    The waiting and the trait’rous doubts,
    The constant wearing cares:
    The agony of hoping
    For a dawn that never comes,
    And the mocking face of failure,
    And rejection’s down-turned thumbs.

    There reigns the greatest glory,
    Though roses are not flung:
    In valleys where the sun ne’er shines
    And victories are not sung.

    Kindest regards, Thurstan

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