Salt and pepper anyone?

When our family eat dinner there are no salt shakers on the table. My boys would love to douse their already seasoned food with salt, so for health reasons, only pepper makes an appearance.

That doesn’t mean though, that I can’t appreciate kitschy salt and pepper shakers. A couple of lovely owl shakers live on my painting table, after their rescue from a charity shop shelf. I think they are quite old, underneath is a made in Taiwan label. Interestingly the brown owl has holes on his sides as well as the top of his head. Perhaps to suit left and right handers?

I wonder who first came up with the idea of novelty animal and bird salt and pepper shakers? I was going to write that I hadn’t seen many people, car or bicycle shakers, but a quick image search revealed such masterpieces of novelty as:pipe shakers, cottage shakers, beer Stein shakers, corn cob shakers, bus shakers, ice-cream cone shakers, acorn shakers, tap dancing peanuts complete with top hat and cane shakers, people of all types shakers, mushroom shakers, telephone shakers, naked lady shakers, lawn mower shakers and my personal favourite, half peeled bananas wearing hats and playing the drums shakers. Who knew?

The wordy gentleman

Defining owls: 1956 dictionary

I have little need to study this word

I think this is my best side

I’m a little  bashful

Side view

How now brown owl


18 thoughts on “Salt and pepper anyone?

      • Yes! My grandmother was also left-handed and forced to use her right, but it didn’t stick. I really hoped my daughter would be a leftie. I would even watch her in her crib and try to determine her dominant side by the way she slept. Alas, she’s right-handed 🙂

      • My mum used to swap my little sister’s bottle from her left to her right hand and then we’d laugh as she’d swap it straight back! Luckily Mum gave up pretty quickly.

  1. Speaking of shakers and left hands. I am making a huge effort to master knitting, crochet and sewing using the left hand as dominant for my my left handed students. Whew! Its very difficult trying to be ambidextrous. Hard to spell too. Love the little scholarly Owl.

    • Goodness! I am in awe! I managed to learn how to knit simple things but sadly my Grandmother’s crochet lesson ended in frustration-I think more on her side, that I just couldn’t get it…..

  2. I love these s&p shakers too! There’s a favorite restaurant we visit when we can, aside from the great food, they host an ever changing array of cool s&p’s on the tables. Makes it even more fun to eat there.

  3. Love your owl shakers! I collect rabbits since I was born on Easter and I have a couple of bunny shakers that I just love. There are so many wonderful shakers out there, and I love the vintage and antique ones, too. I’ll bet your owls are a great inspiration for you as you create.

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