My girl Ruby

East of the sun and west of the moon

For years our younger son campaigned for a dog. We said no for a long time for many reasons such as; it’s difficult to go on holidays with a dog, they shed hair, they make mess, they need lots of attention, they bark, you have to walk them every day, and so on.

Finally we gave in. Ruby has been all of the annoying things above and more. She ate our back door screen and has scratched all the inside doors, she will jump on to an unattended table to pinch food and once up ended a take away coffee in my car trying to drink it. She knows she is not allowed on the sofa but is found stretched out on the top of it, catching a ray of sun. Ruby eats disgusting things on our walks like used tissues and cat droppings. She barks at possums so has to sleep indoors. She also barks at concrete statues of dogs, ladies with umbrellas and shopping trolleys and men with wheel barrows.

But, we wouldn’t give her away for anything. She is so loyal. She follows me everywhere. When I was ill for a year, Ruby kept me company, I could tell her all my fears that I didn’t want to burden others with. Some days I felt like staying in bed all day, exhausted, feeling nauseous and wanting to hide from the world, but I had to walk Ruby.

Ruby is a lovable clown who steals socks, tossing them into the air as you try to catch her. She likes to sun bake on top of her kennel and tries to catch your eye when she is lying where she is not supposed to ” Hey, look at me! Look what I’m doing, what do you think of that hey? I’m on your new throw rug”. She actually watches television and will bark at animals on the screen, running to the back of the television to locate them.

An hour before she is due to be fed she starts staring at me and growling for her dinner. She stalks me, maintaining eye contact at all times. This is particularly annoying if I’m trying to paint, she’ll come and sit under the table and tap on my knee.

She snuggles into our boys and closes her eyes in sheer bliss. She snores loudly, curled into a ball. My favourite time of day.

Ruby the unusual

Ruby the harasser

Ruby and I

Ruby the faithful


22 thoughts on “My girl Ruby

  1. This is so true about an animal companion/friend. They are complex creatures whom we have to take into consideration if we’re going to have a successful relationship with them.

  2. We adore our animals, don’t we? We have three dogs, two cats, a bird and a rabbit…annoying at times but always lovable and a part of the family. Our newest dog, 6 mo old Boxer named Rosco, will eat anything, and I mean anything! It’s so totally disgusting sometimes, especially when it comes back up again…but he is my baby and I love him. Our animals tolerate everything from us and still love us unconditionally, so why not do the same for them, right?

      • Yes, basically they do all get along. The two cats mostly live outside by their choice. They come inside on occasion, especially in the winter (even though they have a nice, cozy and warm basement they can get into with a couch for them to snuggle on). The rabbit and the bird basically live in my daughter’s room because they are her pets and the rabbit runs around and poops everywhere and hides everywhere if she’s allowed out unsupervised. But, the dogs go in to visit her a sometimes and they are curious about each other. Thankfully the cats and dogs are good buddies and sometimes play together or sleep together.
        That is probably way more information than you wanted or needed…I get wordy when I get tired. Time to be off to bed!
        Peace to your heart

  3. Your description sounds so much like my Moo, even down to the maintaining eye contact when it’s dinner time, and the sock-chasey games that I just can’t help playing with her, because she’s just too cute to be annoyed with! They really do change our lives for the better, don’t they? 🙂

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