Being neutral

It’s interesting how we respond to colour at different times. Sometimes I feel like a lot of colour, wearing an orange cardigan, with pink top and green skirt(you can’t miss me). And then, at other times, just looking at a lot of colour feels overwhelming. I went through a stage where yellow made me feel ill, but recently I’ve been craving it. Why? I don’t know. When colour feels too much it’s nice to turn to neutrals. I don’t think I could ever be disciplined enough to limit myself purely to neutrals, although I do love looking at homes that are all neutral. It’s very restful on the eyes, such a calm environment to live in.

I’d like to share two neutral owl paintings that have flown recently into the Winter Owls  Shop. The first owl is entitled “Bookworm”. This is a sweet-faced owl who is obviously a big reader. My younger son said it looks like it is wearing an owl costume. Well why not? The second painting is “And as handsome as I am”, this is quite a self-assured fellow, who really is a looker I must agree.

A post about neutrals also had to include some other lovely neutral objects. One of the things I noticed when looking at the photographs below, was how texture and little details of the objects really stood out, when eye-popping colour wasn’t present to take over.

I hope you enjoy these neutral photographs and have a relaxing and calm weekend.


“And as handsome as I am”

A creamy Iceberg rose

Pacific Ocean Cowrie shells

Cowrie shell

Buttons in an old printers tray

Neutrally vintage

Buttoned neutrally

Naughty neutrals

Beautiful vintage buttons

Dreamy neutrals


20 thoughts on “Being neutral

  1. I adore neutrals, myself. Love putting together all those different shades of tan and cream and the many others. They feel so soothing to me. I love your two new little owls…especially the little handsome one! Great work…thanks so much for sharing! Peace to your heart, Sara

  2. Your post was delightful and did indeed make me feel relaxed. Perhaps I was responding to your suggestion? The owls are lovely and what is about buttons that makes one feel relaxed? Unless they pop off of course and something pops out. That is not relaxing. But we are thinking and looking of relaxing things!

    • I know what you mean about buttons popping off not being relaxing. I still have a humiliating memory of sliding down a pole at school in grade three. All the buttons came off my A line skirt which buttoned up all the way down the front!!!

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