By the light of the moon

When I’m home winding down from the day, feeling a little sleepy, other creatures are only beginning their night in the garden. Brush tailed  possums leap from trees to roof, thumping, crashing, making unearthly growls and hisses as they conduct courtships and neighbourly disputes. They eat my apples and parsley and break branches from the trees. Little Ringtail possums rustle through the trees, using their white-tipped tail as a fifth limb. They peer down at Ruby from the safety of the tree tops. Bats squeak, visiting the apple tree in summer, I can hear and smell them, but they evade my attempts to capture them on film. I also have not managed to photograph the Drop bear, that many Australians like to tease tourists about when in the bush. The beautiful silver Tawny Frogmouth sits on the basketball backboard and surveys his night-time kingdom.  All bathed in the light of the moon.

Ringtail possum

Ringtail possum

The Ringtail possum uses its tail as a fifth limb

Ringtail possum rustling through the leaves

Tawny Frogmouth

He surveys his nocturnal kingdom

By the light of the moon

Moon light


30 thoughts on “By the light of the moon

  1. What a beautiful post and photos. I feel like I took a magical trip to another place as your photos transported me away and I got to see creatures very different then those in my part of the world.

  2. The photos of the possum are beautifully composed but the picture of the owl is quite extraordinary.
    I hope you can enter it in a suitable photographic exhibition / competition.
    It’s a winner 😊

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