Spilt milk

My day had a less than desirable start. Opening the fridge and looking for jam, I noticed a strange white puddle on the bottom glass shelf. I raised my eyes to see milk had leaked from the new bottle I had placed on the top shelf. The milk had meandered its way through a bag of apples, over the block of chocolate and into a paper bag of mushrooms, from top to bottom shelf and then into the vegetable crisper. Sigh.

After cleaning up, I felt like looking at something nice. So I thought I’d show you what I’ve just started searching for, and sometimes finding at charity shops. Vintage sparkles have been catching my eye lately, and I found these gorgeous brooches in Β the last two weeks. I especially love the bird which I think might be a Cockatoo, an Australian native. Well, that’s what he looks like to me. I can tell that all the brooches are old and not real stones(sadly) Β but I wonder what era they might be from? If any one has any idea I would love to know.

I hope you enjoy looking at them more than spilt milk.

Vintage blue butterfly on vintage Levis jacket

Vintage blue

Who’s a pretty bird then?

Vintage Cockatoo

Vintage daisy

Vintage daisy on black velvet

Vintage starburst

Vintage bling anyone?


31 thoughts on “Spilt milk

  1. Jen, what little treasures you’ve found. They are in great condition. I cannot date any of them specifically. I do know that in the 1950s there was a liking here in the USA for what were called “scatter pins”. They were rhinestones or colored crystals and were used here and there to add interest to a dress or blouse. The vintage daisy and vintage starburst have some of that feeling.

    The cockatoo may be after that period. I don’t recall seeing rhinestones with a bluish cast to them in scatter pins–just white rhinestones.

    The butterfly has a definite 1970s feeling to it and goes well with the denim jacket. I think a lacey scarf would add a nice touch.

    • Thanks Emily, that gives me some more information to go on. I love the term “scatter pins”, I haven’t heard it before. A lacey scarf would definitely go nicely with the jacket and butterfly. πŸ™‚

  2. I love the bird and the starburst. When my grandmother died, I somehow acquired (at the ripe age of 12) her costume jewelry collection. She was a fashionable woman back in her day and really loved past-era bling. I have a few brooches of hers. This made me think of her. Thanks!

  3. Well, I think the moral of this story is that chocolate should really be consumed instantly – if stored, it may just end up covered in milk! Lovely brooches πŸ™‚

  4. What great finds Jen!. Love these beautiful brooches. They remind me of my childhood when my mother and aunts wore brooches to brighten up an outfit but back then I didn’t think much of them. Now I wish I had kept some of that lovely vintage bling..

  5. Lovely finds, I particularly like the cockatoo…. funnily enough, not so long ago I found a very pretty owl brooch at the op shop which I bought as a gift for my mum! (It wasn’t vintage but I still liked it πŸ˜‰

    • I think it is a cockatoo don’t you? I saw some more lovely brooches at a different op shop yesterday, but sadly they were out of my price range, so I just had to drool over them. I wish I could find an owl brooch, you lucky thing!

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