Vintage haberdashery finds

I love haberdashery, especially if it’s vintage. Often it’s better quality than what I can find in stores today.

Rummaging around in an old shoe box in an opportunity shop today, I found these lovely goodies.

Vintage haberdashery

Vintage red buttons

Vintage yellow buttons

Don’t you just love Ric Rac? When I was a little girl I had a denim skirt that was covered in row and rows of it. If only I still had it and it fit me now. Sigh………..

Vintage Ric Rac


23 thoughts on “Vintage haberdashery finds

  1. Hello my lovely big sister. This is my first ever visit to a “blog”. Thankyou for introducing me to modern technology! I think your blogging page is lovely and so creative, I feel crafty urges now … can’t wait to get together and look through my new sewing book with you. I especially love the “Brown Owl” blog – I noticed the writing on each of the leaves with each coloured owl, and what the leaves say made me see a bit of that owl’s personality. I am so proud of you! And those pics of Ruby on the chair are priceless 🙂

    • Oh, what lovely words from the little sister who is taller than me. I can’t wait to see what you make from your new sewing book! Thank you for lunch today, it was lovely to be able to chat about sewing and craft and painting with you. We’ll have to do it again soon 🙂

  2. totally agree that vintage notions are better than modern stuff. i found vintage gingham bias binding recently that is so lovely i have sewn it onto the front of things. i also love finding / using bakelite buttons.

      • I think so. By the way, have you noticed how popular owls are now? They’re everywhere….

      • Yes indeed, they have become popular and you can get a bit sick of seeing them everywhere. I had to ask my family to stop giving me owly things as they seemed to think I would like anything with an owl on it. You can have too many! I think many people have loved them for a long time though, I have a little collection of vintage owls. The good thing is they are small so I can keep them all grouped together.

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