Introducing Miss Ruby

Can you believe what you find lying discarded on the side of the road sometimes? My son and I were driving home when we spotted this child’s vintage upholstered armchair. With great excitement we inspected it and then hauled it in to the car. It was surprisingly heavy, but we were determined to get it in. It seems quite old and is covered in cream vinyl.

Sadly, my son has outgrown the chair now and I can’t fit comfortably in it. I decided it would be perfect to introduce you to my beautiful but very naughty Ruby the Pugalier. I adore Ruby, even though she does things like walk down the middle of my mother in law’s Christmas table after lunch, helping to clean the plates…………

Introducing Miss Ruby

Is there any food over there?

Or over there?

What are the birds doing?

It’s all a bit of a yawn, really


26 thoughts on “Introducing Miss Ruby

  1. Two thoughts spring to mind when gazing at these delightful photos….the first, that we found a cat thrown out by the side of the road once, who, after having her fleas, anaemia and ringworm treated, has morphed into the most beautiful creature imaginable.
    The second, your comment about Ruby walking down the table after lunch reminds me of a quite funny occurence that happened to us while on a countryside visit to Esk…we stopped at a lovely old cafe which was home to a very old, charming cattle dog. The cafe owners told us how it was very sad, but the dog had recently had a stroke and was now a bit addled in the brain and spent most of her time just lying around, having lost all her zest for life.
    Later, as a couple nearby finished their meal and left, we spied this very same dog climbing up onto one of the chairs, placing her paws on the table and “cleaning” off the leftovers on the plates, before slinking back to her shady sleeping spot on the verandah…..lost her zest for life, my arse! Cheeky dog!

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